Mother Design Unveils Refreshing Rebrand for Brooklyn Community Foundation, Now Known as Brooklyn Org

Engaging Brooklynites and Supporting Underserved Non-Profits

In a bid to support Brooklyn’s underserved non-profit organizations and rally the community around them, Mother Design has unveiled a striking rebrand for the Brooklyn Community Foundation, now known as Brooklyn Org. With a focus on local moments and a desire to distance itself from traditional philanthropic conventions, Brooklyn Org aims to bring together the diverse communities of the borough under one unified identity. Inspired by the density and architectural forms of Brooklyn, the rebrand showcases a bold wordmark and a powerful typeface that symbolize the unity and strength found within the community.

Addressing the Funding Disparity in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, home to approximately 30% of New York City’s residents and non-profits, has long faced a significant funding disparity. Despite its size and importance, the borough receives only 7.6% of the charitable funding allocated to New York City. This funding gap has hindered the growth and impact of many non-profit organizations working tirelessly to support the underserved communities of Brooklyn.

Mother Design’s Approach to Community Engagement

Recognizing the urgent need to address this disparity, Brooklyn Org enlisted the expertise of Mother Design, a renowned creative agency known for its innovative approach to branding and design. Mother London, the agency’s branch responsible for this project, was tasked with developing a brand identity that would resonate with Brooklynites and foster a sense of community engagement.

The Concept Behind the Refreshing Rebrand

Mother Design drew inspiration from the “density” of Brooklyn, which not only refers to its physical landscape but also to the unity and interconnectedness of its communities. The rebrand aims to capture this essence by utilizing a stark wordmark with extended crotches on glyphs like the letter “Y.” This design choice emphasizes the architectural forms fitting together, much like the iconic Brooklyn skyline. The typeface chosen for the brand identity is Community Gothic from the esteemed Frere-Jones type foundry, known for its impactful and precise letterforms.

Emphasizing Local Moments and Community Strength

The rebrand’s central focus is on local moments, highlighting the vibrant and diverse experiences that define Brooklyn. By centering the brand identity on these moments, Brooklyn Org aims to create a deeper connection with the community and encourage active participation in supporting the borough’s non-profit organizations. The bold wordmark and powerful typeface serve as visual representations of the strength and unity found within Brooklyn’s communities.

A New Era for Philanthropy in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Org’s rebrand signifies a departure from traditional philanthropic conventions. By embracing a community-oriented approach, the organization seeks to redefine the way philanthropy is perceived and practiced. The refreshing visual identity created by Mother Design reflects this shift, capturing the spirit of Brooklyn and inspiring residents to rally around the underserved non-profits that make a difference in their neighborhoods.

The rebranding of the Brooklyn Community Foundation into Brooklyn Org, spearheaded by Mother Design, marks a significant milestone in the borough’s philanthropic landscape. With a renewed focus on supporting underserved non-profit organizations and engaging the community, Brooklyn Org aims to bridge the funding gap and empower Brooklynites to take an active role in shaping the future of their neighborhoods. The visually striking brand identity serves as a powerful symbol of unity and strength, encapsulating the essence of Brooklyn’s diverse and vibrant communities. As the foundation embarks on this new era, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of those it serves and inspire a new wave of philanthropy in Brooklyn.

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