Pocatello Seeks Graphic Designers for City Rebranding: New Logo and Style Guide in the Works

Pocatello, Idaho, is embarking on a city-wide rebranding effort, calling for graphic designers to submit proposals for a new logo and style guide. The aim is to create a fresh identity that reflects the city’s spirit and attracts visitors and residents alike.

Pocatello, a vibrant city nestled in Idaho, is on the lookout for talented graphic designers to spearhead its rebranding initiative. With the current city logo having served for nearly three decades, Pocatello is eager to embrace a new visual identity that captures the essence of the community. This exciting opportunity not only involves designing a logo but also creating a comprehensive style guide that will shape the city’s branding for years to come.

A Call for Proposals:

Marlise Irby, the public information officer for the city, expressed enthusiasm for the project and encouraged designers from all backgrounds to submit their proposals. The city is particularly interested in incorporating elements from the Pocatello flag to maintain brand consistency. The deadline for portfolio submissions is November 13th at 2 p.m., and thus far, the city has already received multiple submissions, with 20 individuals or companies downloading the request for proposal (RFP) document.

The Selection Process:

Once the submission deadline has passed, the Pocatello City Council will review the proposals and select a graphic designer or design company to lead the rebranding efforts. The project has been allocated a maximum budget of $100,000. The chosen designer will commence work on December 11th, aiming to present three logo options to the council by June 13, 2024. Following council input, the designer will then create a comprehensive style guide for formal adoption by July 12, 2024.

The Impact of Rebranding:

Pocatello’s decision to undergo a city-wide rebranding stems from the desire to attract more visitors and potential residents. By creating a fresh and engaging visual identity, the city hopes to showcase its unique character and charm. Marlise Irby emphasized the importance of finding a designer who can truly understand and encapsulate the heart of Pocatello, ultimately crafting a beautiful brand that can be proudly rolled out.

As Pocatello embarks on its journey to redefine its visual identity, the search for a talented graphic designer to lead the rebranding efforts is in full swing. With the potential to attract more visitors and residents, the city recognizes the significance of creating a logo and style guide that accurately represents its spirit. The selected designer will have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on Pocatello’s brand, shaping its image for years to come. As the deadline for portfolio submissions approaches, anticipation grows for the unveiling of Pocatello’s new logo and the exciting future that awaits the city.

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