The Mental Approach that Separates Pro Golfers from Amateurs

Instead of dwelling on mistakes, professional golfers focus on executing their intentions

Golf is a notoriously difficult sport, and even the best golfers in the world hit poor shots more often than we might think. When amateur golfers make a mistake, their immediate response is often to ask themselves, “What did I do wrong?” However, instructor Monique Thoresz suggests that instead of fixating on mistakes, amateurs should adopt the mindset of professional golfers and shift their focus to what they need to do in order to hit great shots.

The Importance of Emulating Professional Golfers

Professional golfers approach the game with a different mindset than amateurs. They are not concerned with dwelling on past shots or avoiding mistakes. Instead, they have a clear intention for each practice session and focus on executing that intention. By emulating this mental approach, amateurs can improve their game and develop a more positive mindset.

The Power of Intention

Professional golfers set a specific intention for their practice sessions. For example, they may aim to work on hitting draws. By clearly defining their intention, they have a clear goal in mind and know exactly what they need to do to achieve it. This focus on intention helps professionals stay committed to their desired outcome and eliminates distractions.

Executing the Intention

Once the intention is set, professional golfers have specific execution cues that guide their shots. These cues may involve grip adjustments, forearm rotation, or other techniques recommended by their coaches. Throughout their practice session, professionals stay disciplined and do not allow other thoughts or distractions to enter their minds. They remain committed to executing their intended shot.

Accepting the Outcome

When a professional golfer’s shot does not meet their intention, they do not dwell on what went wrong or seek external reasons for the outcome. They understand that the result is a direct reflection of their execution of the intended cue. There is no room for self-doubt or questioning. Instead, they accept the outcome and focus on making the necessary adjustments for the next shot.

Maintaining Mental Discipline

The key to adopting the mindset of professional golfers is maintaining mental discipline. Amateurs should resist the temptation to add extra thoughts or stray from their intended cues during practice or play. Doing so only leads to confusion and a lack of clarity. By staying focused on their positive and affirmative cues, amateurs can keep their minds centered on the future and avoid dwelling on past mistakes.

Amateur golfers can learn valuable lessons from professional golfers when it comes to the mental approach to the game. Instead of fixating on mistakes, amateurs should shift their focus to their intentions and execution cues. By emulating the mental discipline of professionals, amateurs can improve their game and develop a more positive mindset. Remember, golf is a challenging sport, and hitting perfect shots all the time is not realistic. However, by adopting a professional mindset, amateurs can maximize their potential and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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